How to Calculate Home Loan EMI

If you don’t know much about EMI? Then, you can better understand it as money due that a buyer needs to repay to the bank or any other financial institution on a monthly basis. Remember, the EMI can be repaid on a monthly installment for both short and long periods. But sometimes, keeping records of every EMI if you claim a long-term loan such as Home Loan becomes hard. Therefore, here you have the option of a Home Loan EMI Calculator that eases the calculations along with graphic charts. 

Moreover, using the Home Loan EMI Calculator via gives you instant results such as an automatic calculation, total payment breakdown, and payment schedule into graphic charts. Furthermore, the EMI Calculator for Home Loans will be required the most, where both interest and non-interest are included. Remember, each portion of the EMI will shrink after the repayment of each EMI. 

Therefore, to unload your burden, you can use an EMI Calculator Home Loan to help you determine an exact portion of principal repayment. Adding on, the principal and interest component amounts usually change from time to time. Thus, you only need to pay more principal and less interest with each EMI payment.   

How to Use Home Loan EMI Calculator?

Using the Home Loan EMI Calculator via is easy and less time-consuming, along with statistical representation, complete charts, and instant results. Moreover, accessing this EMI Calculator for Home Loans makes it very easy to determine EMIs for several loans. And these can be vehicle loans, home loans, personal loans, education loans, Gold loans, or any other loan.

There are a few details that you need to fulfill into EMI Calculator before you start accessing it:

  • The principal loan amount (rupees)
  • Loan duration (months or years)
  • Interest rates (percentage)
  • EMI in arrears or EMI in advance (applicable on car loans only)

It would help if you used the slider to adjust the settings in the EMI calculator. In order to get more accurate values, entering values in the above given pertinent areas is required. The EMI calculator will start displaying your monthly payment amount once you update the values via a slider. Another specification of the Home Loan EMI calculator is the pie chart that shows the entire payment process, such as total interest payable and principal. Remember, the total of all loan installments represents the ratio of interest payments to the principal in (%)percentage. The graphic charts also draw the interest and principal components in order to pay annually. Regarding the payment schedule table, it shows payments on a monthly or annual basis for the loan term. Each payment includes a section for the principal balance and a small part for the interest.

As you already know, each payment for your claimed loan is made up of interest that remains until the first loan term. Consequently, as time passes, the greater parts will reduce the principal, and the repayment plan starts showing the transferable amount for each year’s intermediate unpaid balance. Now, if you are one of those who are looking for something that can complete the whole EMI calculations within a few clicks? Then, nothing but Home Loan EMI Calculator can help you the best in making any loan calculation easy only at

How to Manage Finances via a Home Loan EMI Calculator?

Manage Finances via a Home Loan EMI Calculator

The information below is for you if you are looking for bonus tips to manage your finances using the EMI calculator for home loans. And these are:

  • Readjust your Expenses

Readjusting your expenses can help you manage and calculate your weekly, monthly and annual expenses. So, to fetch the best results, it‘s better for you should know about your EMI paying expenses in advance. 

  • Choose the Right Lender 

Next, tips on choosing the right money lender or representative, as there are plenty of money lenders in the market. So, the amount can be uncertain as different lenders offer different EMI options for the same loan amount and period.

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