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Accumulating wealth by investing our money or capital at different places guarantees a refund back of the amount with a little hike. Thus, one of the simplest ways to make money investment is PPF(Public Provident fund). If you don’t know, the PPF amount gets deducted from your income every month, which most probably implies a salaried person. In a nutshell, investing capital as PPF helps manage and boost wealth on a long-term basis. And this makes it the safest and most profitable option; people should opt for their savings accounts.

Moreover, besides employees, even a responsible parent can opt for a PPF account to make savings for the future. But sometimes, it becomes difficult to calculate the interest rates and returns randomly on your PPF account. Therefore, to ease these heavy calculations, all you need is a PPF calculator. If you are unfamiliar with this, then jump onto the drop-down information to explore more about it.

Relevance of using a PPF calculator

Regarding the relevance of a PPF calculator, using this financial tool lets you resolve PPF account-related queries. Also, it has certain inbuilt specifications that you can follow while calculating the maturity amount. The calculation should be made after a certain period so that you can keep a record of your capital growth. 

Moreover, being a new PPF account holder, you must know that interest rates change on a monthly basis. This is a problem; therefore, you can easily use a PPF calculator to check fluctuating interest rates. Furthermore, plenty of online and user-friendly PPF calculators are on the market. So, to find a perfect PPF calculator, you need to check its working efficiency and the other things given below.

Formula to calculate PPF

There is a particular formula to calculate or compute your deposited amount, interest, etc. All you need to do is to put the values according to the PPF formula. And the formula is F = P [({(1+i) ^n}-1)/i], in which

  • I stands for Rate of interest
  • F belongs to the Maturity of PPF
  • Next, N stands for the Total number of years
  • Last, P indicates the Annual Installments

That’s how you can quickly check your closing balance, opening balance, withdrawal amount, and also interest rate.

How to access a PPF calculator?

It is essential to understand the working efficiency of this PPF calculator; you need to understand its accessing procedure as well. But before this, buying this online tool is completely worth your money. You only need to put values within the provided columns to get outcomes. Moreover, the information you will be asked to enter into this PPF amount calculator is the total amount invested, tenure, or interest earned. And also the amount that you have invested monthly or annually. Now, let’s begin the process of accessing a PPF calculator:

  • Firstly, enter the values in the provided fields. Hence, it can show the total maturity amount within a while.
  • Suppose you deposit an amount on the 1st of April; then, your interest calculation will be done on the basis of the financial year.
  • Remember, in some cases, Inflation may affect the interest rate.
Benefits of using the PPF calculator

Here, you have some points denoting the benefits of using an online PPF calculator. And to know what they are, straight jump onto the below information:

  • Primarily, using this PPF calculator lets you clearly understand the earned interest. You can earn interest with a certain amount of money investment.
  • The next benefit is to save yourself from paying a bulky amount of tax by making a correct calculation.
  • Using this PPF calculator can easily find the maturity period of your investment. Plus, a yearly based estimation of total investment.
  • Last, it provides accurate results, whether it’s about the deposited amount, i.e., fixed or variable.