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A financial tool essentially identical to fixed deposits is recurring deposits. In contrast to FDs, you can deposit a large sum of money in regular monthly installments in an RD. Furthermore, RDs are good for those earning a living and want investments for a better future. They foster discipline in saving practices as well. The majority of banks and financial institutions provide recurring deposits with smart interest rates. If you are a potential investor, then calculating the maturity returns beforehand can help you choose better.  

Therefore, using the RD Calculator at calculatoremi.com will come in very handy to determine the option that gives the best interest. Furthermore, evaluating such complicated calculations can be a hassle that this calculator can solve.

How can an RD calculator help you?

By virtue of the name, you can assume that a recurring deposit is an ongoing investment. Therefore, it can be perplexing for investors to monitor the returns on these deposits. Furthermore, the evaluation is multipart since there are numerous variables, and the interest is compounded every quarter.

Any investor can determine the precise sum of money their deposits will accumulate after the necessary period with our recurring deposit calculator, which removes the burden of manually calculating its returns. However, to know the correct value, one must complete the TDS deduction. The investor must perform that manually. 

According to the new RBI regulations, RDs are also subject to TDS deduction. However, it is not a part of this RD Calculator as there is no standardization in its application across financial institutions. 

Here is a rundown of the benefits of using an RD amount calculator:

  • The calculator gives investors the precise amount of growth their investment will accumulate, allowing them to plan their future finances effectively.
  • It is easy to use and saves so much time for every investor, time that they could otherwise employ productively.
  • There is never any doubt about the precision of our calculators. In order to make wise financial decisions, only accurate results are given.

Formula to Determine RD Maturity

Methodologically, there are three core components for calculating the RD maturity amount. An RD Calculator assigns these variables to a standard formula to derive the exact maturity amount. 

The formula that our RD maturity calculator follows:

A = P*(1+R/N)^(Nt)

The variables in this equation represent-


Maturity Amount


RD Installment each month


Compounding Frequency (no. of quarters)


RD interest rate in percentage



This is the standard formula used in every calculation and calculator of the RD maturity amount, regardless of the sum invested or tenure. All you need to do is put in the variables, and you’ll get the results instantly. 

For example, an individual starts an RD account for an investment of Rs. 10000 per month for a tenure of 1 year, i.e., 4 quarters. The interest accrued on this account is 7%. The final maturity amount on this particular deposit is calculated with the following formula-

A = 10,000*(1+7/4)^(4*12/12)

A = 1,24,621

How to use our RD calculator?

The use of our RD calculator is simple and doesn’t call for any specialized knowledge. Below are the step-by-step instructions for using this calculator.

  • First, you have to enter the monthly amount that you plan to contribute to the recurring deposit.
  • Next, type the interest rate and anticipated return rate.

Within seconds, the complete investment worth after the duration will be expressed.

Advantages of using RD maturity calculator

With our online RD calculator, depositors can take advantage of the following advantages:

  • It is a tool that helps you save time. The computations are completed in a matter of seconds, and the entire process—starting with browsing their website—takes no longer than one or two minutes.
  • You are free to use our RD amount calculator as often as you like. You may adjust the variables in many different ways as you like to see the value that suits you.
  • If you enter every variable accurately, errors or ambiguity are not possible.

Recurring deposits, or RDs, are stable financial investments with potentially high returns. Furthermore, you can differentiate the performances of several banks and non-banking companies for the same amount using our free online calculator and make a decision accordingly.